Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Poems!

So, here are some more poems from my 12-poem collection I wrote for poetry class--the collection is called "Birth (of worlds and otherwise)". The first is titled "Go, Speed Racer, Go," and was written as a response to the movie Speed Racer. Speed Racer is one of the greatest movies of all time, and if you do not like, you are dumb.
The second is called "Meditating on Freedom," and was written while... actually, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy!

Go, Speed Racer, Go.

Good and evil, locked in conflict:
And there’s racing, too.
Jump-jacks and flying kicks and tire shanks,
And cheaters don’t always get caught,
Because “it’s hard to see what goes on inside of those dust clouds.”
But no matter:
Speed will win, in the end: and all will agree that this is
Right and
True and

So the white car finishes first, and neither crowd nor camera
Cares about the rest.
Because light has defeated dark,
And the dark goes to prison, because
“Cheaters never prosper.” 

And after watching, you may think
That there’s something strange and incredible about

            How the red and white of the finish line
            Never mix into pink, and how

            The checkered flag never turns gray.

Meditating on Freedom

Would you be free?
There is freedom everywhere.
            In rising and in falling,
                        In living and in dying
There is freedom.
You cannot escape it.
 And to the one who conquers, a new name will be given.

            But only to the one who conquers.

You are free indeed:
Free to be a hero or villain,
Free to leave or free to go,
            Free to try, and to fail
Or succeed.
You cannot escape it.
And each will be judged according to his deeds.

This is why freedom is frightening.

This is freedom:
To fight and win, or die
            In the fighting, and win anyway.
                        To fight against even yourself,
Like the two arms of a cross,
And to receive the victor’s crown.
Freedom is the voice that says, “Well done,” when

            You could have done otherwise.

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